WordPress 3.0 RC版发布

WordPress是一个注重美学、易用性和网络标准的个人信息发布平台.WordPress虽为免费的开源软件,但其价值是无法用金钱来衡量.使用 WordPress 可以搭建功强大的网络信息发布平台,但更多的是应用于个性化的博客.针对博客的应用,WordPress能让您省却对后台技术的担心,集中精力做好网站的 内容.


  • Custom menus are finished! Yay!
  • Multi-site is all set.
  • The look of the WordPress admin has been lightened up a little bit, so you can focus more on your content.
  • There are a ton of changes, so plugin authors, please test your plugins now, so that if there is a compatibility issue, we can figure it out before the final release.
  • Plugin and theme *users* are also encouraged to test things out. If you find problems, let your plugin/theme authors know so they can figure out the cause.
  • There are a couple of known issues.

If you are testing the RC and come across a bug, you can:

  • Report it on the wp-testers mailing list
  • Join the dev chat and tell us live at irc.freenode.net #wordpress-dev
  • File a bug ticket on the WordPress Trac

We hope you enjoy playing with the 3.0 RC as much as we’ve enjoyed making it for you. Enjoy!

下载:WordPress 3.0 RC1


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